Torta Paradiso / Paradise Cake

Updated: May 26, 2020

Difficulty: Low

Preparation: 25 Minutes

Cooking: 50 Minutes

Portion: 8 Persons

Ingredients :

Soft butter 170 g

Icing sugar 170 g

Sugar 40 g

Salt up to 2,5 g

Potato starch 70 g

Sweet baking powder 3 g

00 flour 100 g or All purpose flour

Bourbon vanilla bean ½ or Vanilla Drops

Yolks 80 g

Whole eggs 100 g

½ lemon zest

Orange peel ½


Start by sifting flour, starch and yeast in a bowl; then stir with a spoon to mix them in the best way. In another bowl put the soft butter into chunks, pour the pulp of half a vanilla bean or vanilla drops and grate half an untreated lemon zest; also grate half an orange peel, always untreated. Start working with the electric whisk the vanilla flavored butter, adding the icing sugar. When the mixture has assumed a soft and airy consistency, add the 80 g of egg yolks (about 4 medium egg yolks) then also add salt and continue working the mixture with the electric whisk until a soft and creamy consistency is obtained.

Keep aside and in another separate bowl pour the two whole eggs and add granulated sugar; work everything with the electric whisk and as soon as this mixture of eggs and sugar is light, smooth and frothy you can combine it with the one with butter, sugar and yolks, alternating with the pouring of the powders.

Then pour a little egg mixture and sugar, mix well. Then add part of the powders and continue to mix. Continue once again with the liquid part and finish with the powders until finishing. This alternation of pouring and processing will make the dough the typical crumbly consistency of the paradise cake.

Take a 24 cm diameter mold and butter it with the help of a small brush, flour it and pour the dough of the paradise cake. Level it with a spatula until the surface is homogeneous.

Bake the paradiso cake in a preheated static oven at 170 ° for about 45-50 minutes (adjust according to the power of your oven, cover the cake with aluminum foil after 30 minutes of baking if you see that darkens excessively and continue cooking).

Once ready (always try the toothpick), take it out of the oven and wait about 20 minutes before turning it upside down on a serving dish.

Remove the mold very gently and let it cool completely for about 1 hour.

The topping is up to your desire. I suggest for a white glaze as the photo shown.


You can keep the paradise cake under a glass bell for a couple of days.

Enjoy & Share It!

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