Prawns battuta with Burrata and Pistachios

Difficulty: Low

Preparation: 15 Minutes

Cooking: None

Portion: 2 Persons


20 fresh red prawns

100 g of burrata

Pistachio pesto to taste

Pistachio grain to taste

Extra virgin oil to taste


After cleaning & washing the prawns from the carapace and the gut, put about 10 of them in a plate.

Place the other 10 on a tray resting on the transparent film cover with another sheet on top and, with a meat tenderizer, gently press the prawns to obtain a compact layer.

Pour the burrata into a container, season with oil and blend to make it frothy.

Put on a serving plate / glass and add oil and salt.

Put it in a piping bag and decorate the prawns.

Finish by sprinkling with pistachio grains.

Enjoy & Share It!

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