Octopus Tartar

Difficulty: Medium

Preparation: 30 Minutes

Cooking: 1 Hour

Portion: 4 Persons

800 g Octopus

400 g Potatoes

1 rib Celery

1 Carrot

1 White onion

1 Spring of Parsley

1 Lemon

1 Glass White wine

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


Back pepper



We put the octopus in a pan with water and a pinch of salt. After a few minutes we add the wine, the carrot, the celery stalk, the onion and cook for about 40 minutes from the moment it starts to boil (the fork test always applies).

As soon as cooked, drain the octopus and cut it into squares, possibly the same size.

We put the cubes in a bowl and season with oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

We mix and set aside.

Shred potatoes into a large bowl filled with cold water. Stir until water is cloudy, drain, and cover potatoes again with fresh cold water. Stir again to dissolve excess starch. Drain potatoes well, pat dry with paper towels, and squeeze out any excess moisture.

Heat clarified butter in a large non-stick pan over medium heat. Sprinkle shredded potatoes into the hot butter and season with salt, black pepper.

Cook potatoes until a brown crust forms on the bottom, about 5 minutes. Keep them aside for the final touch.

In a blender, add the parsley leaves previously washed a few squares of potato and the oil needed to make the mixture creamy.

Wash and cut very thin slides of apple and place it on the plate (bed of the tartar).

With a pastry cutter we form the tartar adding a little parsley cream and sprinkle with the shred fried potato and extra virgin olive oil.

Add the strawberry on the side to garnish the plate.

Enjoy & Share It!

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