Carpaccio of Raw Prawns

Difficulty: Low

Preparation: 15 Minutes

Cooking: None

Portion: 4 Persons

20 red prawns

Extra virgin olive oil



Parmesan cheese flakes

Salt flakes


The prawns must be washed, taken off and peeled.

It is preferable to perform the operation with your hands: only these wonderful tools will give the sensitivity of things to tighten and what to leave, what to move and what to tear.

The heads, for example, will have to be kept aside for an excellent bisque.

The suggestion is to wash them before the operation, if you really feel like doing it.

Even the dark filaments of the shrimp will be pulled out with your fingers, to avoid various injuries.

Separately, we take four tablespoons of oil, preferably a delicate reference - Ligurian, or Garda - and we emulsify it by hand with lemon juice, squeezed drop by drop, by hand, on the spot.

Choose a quality lemon.

We adjust the quantity by eye: the citric sense must be present but not overwhelming.

We place the prawns on the plate, sprinkle them with oil, then spread the Parmesan cheese flakes and the olive fragments. A few flakes salt and pepper.

Enjoy & Share It!

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