Berries & Cream Tart

Difficulty: Medium

Preparation: 30 Minutes

Cooking: 30 Minutes

Portion: 8 Persons


For the pastry cream

400 ml of whole milk

100 g of fresh cream (or the same amount of whole milk)

120 g of sugar

4 yolks

25 g of corn starch

15 g of 00 flour

1 lemon

3 trays of fresh berries (strawberries, raspberry, blueberry)

For the shortcrust pastry

Eggs (2 medium cold in the fridge) 110 g

00 flour 500 g

Sugar 200 g

Cold butter 300 g

Untreated lemon zest 1


Pastry Cream

Pour the milk and fresh liquid cream into a pan with the skins of 1 lemon.

Bring to the boil slowly over low heat.

In a saucepan, mix the egg yolks with the sugar by hand, adding the starch and the flour and mix well until the mixture is light and frothy. When the milk has reached the first boil, pour it by filtering it with a colander in 2 stages in the pot with the egg mixture, first a small part to dilute the egg mixture and then the rest, mix well and move to the heat.

Cook the cream, stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming. As soon as the cream starts to thicken, lower the heat and continue stirring until it is creamy, it will take a few minutes.

Pour it into a baking dish, mix well with the whisk by hand and cover with contact film, let cool in the fridge.

Shortcrust pastry

Start by pouring the flour into a mixer (if you want you can use the mixer in the same way, just use the leaf) together with the cold butter cut into small pieces. Operate the blades several times until a sandy compound is obtained.

Using the mixer intermittently will ensure that the mixture does not heat up excessively

Turn off the blades and add the sugar together with the lightly beaten egg and then grate the zest of an untreated lemon being careful to remove only the yellow part and not the white part which is bitter.

Operate the robot again for a few moments, this time lowering the speed so the blades will mix the dough without whipping. As soon as the mixture has blended transfer it to the pastry board.

Compact quickly with your hands, so gluten will not develop, just long enough to obtain a smooth and homogeneous dough.

Leave it to rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Spread on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of about 5 mm. Coat the 20-22 cm tart mold previously buttered and floured with the pastry.

Bake the pastry the bottom must be beautiful golden. Remove from the oven, let cool.

Take back the cold pastry cream, mix with a hand whisk to make it creamy again, insert it in a piping bag and fill the shortcrust pastry shell (to have a more domed shape I made a double round of cream only in the central part).

Cover with wild strawberries previously washed quickly and dry thoroughly with paper towels. Keep in the fridge and let it rest at least 3 hours before serving.

I have made this cake for a birthday :-), as you may see.

Enjoy & Share It!

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