Beef tartar with Porcini mushrooms

Difficulty: Low

Preparation: 30 Minutes

Cooking: None

Portions: 4 Persons


1 pack of sliced Porcini Mushroom or Porcini Mushroom paste

380 g of fresh beef fillet

To taste extra virgin olive oil

1 squeeze Lemon

To taste salt and pepper


First properly wash the mushrooms and let them dry on a piece of towel paper (do not squeeze them).

Cut the mushrooms into small pieces, and put them in a bowl with salt, lemon and oil.

In the meantime, cut the fillet into thin slices, then into strips and finally mince with a knife.

Add the previously cut mushrooms to the meat, mix well and serve by decorating with the basil leave.

In a few minutes a gourmet dish is ready!

Enjoy & Share It!

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